BONEX is established to manufacture and market the throw-type fire extinguishers by offering an easy option in controlling initial fires. We aim to increase public awareness on fire prevention as well as to revolutionize the household and commercial markets by introducing our simple to use, effective and cutting-edge products.

Besides the retail market (with a few products grouped under the brand BONEX), we also develop a range of throw-type fire extinguishers, rapid rescue kits and extinguishing agents for industrial and professional use under the brand BONEX PLUS+.

At BONEX, we constantly research and develop new technologies to offer the public better firefighting solutions.
Branch (International Markets)
6F, Hayabusa-cho MT Bldg.,
Hayabusa-cho 3-19,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0092,

139-1, Jln. SP1,
Tmn. Semabok Perdana,
75050 Melaka.

To improve Quality of Life of people with SAFE, INNOVATIVE & ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY SOLUTIONS to the nation and countries in the region.
:: Safety & Reliability
Product safety, quality assurance and brand reliability.

:: Innovative & User Friendly
We seek for innovation and user friendliness. We encourage employees and business partners to contribute ideas and proposals
to achieve a collective advancement for the industry.

:: Care for Health and Environment
The health of our users and environmental stewardship are our core concerns and responsibility to the society.

:: To provide better business opportunity to the physically-challenged groups/welfare organisations as part of our
corporate social responsibility.
  Sept 1999 Founded in Japan with a paid up capital of JPY10 million
  May 2002 Launch of BONEX119 throw-type fire extinguisher
  March 2003 Paid up capital increased to JPY80 million
  April 2003 PSB tested on BONEX119
  March 2004 Obtained first and only NS certificate for throw-type fire extinguisher from Japan Fire Equipment and Inspection Institute (JFEII)
  May 2004 Launch of SAT119 after rebranding of BONEX119
  Feb  2005 Launch of COE extinguishing sachets
  Sept 2005 Launch of APEX-water extinguishing agent
  Sept 2005 Certified to Korea standard for throw-type fire extinguishers by Korean Fire Institute (KFI)
  Oct 2005 Expanding BONEX throw-type fire extinguishers business into Korea market
  Dec 2006 Enactment of Korea Fire Safety Act to mandate the installation of throw-type fire extinguishers at all centers for children and the elderly
  May 2007 Paid up capital increased to JPY165 million
  Aug 2007 Certified to ISO9001:2000
  May 2008 Certified to Korean Type Approval for Marine
  Oct 2008 Expanding BONEX throw-type fire extinguishers business into ASEAN market
  March 2009 Tested to CNCF, TFRI in China
  July 2009 BONEX distributorship in China
  Feb 2010 BONEX distributorship in Philippines
  Feb 2010 Launch of SAT119 Eco in Japan
  April 2011 Obtained SIRIM QAS certificate from Malaysia
  April 2011 Special donation of 10,000 sets SAT119 to East Japan Earthquake Center of Rebuilding
  Sept 2011 Launch of FR911 FLAMEOUT for international markets
  Jan 2012 Official Launch of BONEX branch for International markets by Malaysia Minister of Housing and Local Government, Dato Seri Chor Chee Heung in Melaka, Malaysia
  Jan 2012 Launch of Fryer COE extinguishing cubes for industrial market
  April 2012 Tested to Turk Standardlari Enstitusu (TSE), Turkey
  June 2012 Official Launch of FR911 FLAMEOUT in Turkey
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